Finding Your Place

New Podcast Episode with Steph Hunt!

Stephanie Hunt is Director of the African American and Latino Studies program at Brookline High School. Steph loves her job. When I first met Steph, she told me that she had a dream job and planned on staying there until she retired–someone who found their life’s work. In this episode we discuss Steph’s own development as a biracial child growing up in two very different neighborhoods, her passion for the study of history, and how she found her work as a teacher. We also discuss some of the dynamics of today’s teenagers, the challenges of being a teacher, and the best characters in the Wire.

Episode available on iTunes, Stitcher, or Libsyn:

Discussed in episode:

Brookline High School

African American and Latino Scholars Program

METCO Program

Atlantic Article from April 2019 on METCO program history and current status

Hidden Brain Episodes Referenced:

Zipcode Destiny: The Persistent Power of Place and Education

People Like Us: How Our Identities Shape Health and Educational Success

Read: Who Fears Death

Listen to: Still Processing

Watch: The Watchmen

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