The Game of Life with David Paredes

My guest this week is professional poker player David Paredes. David has played in multiple World Series of Poker Main Events, won the 2015 Borgata Poker Championship, and was involved in the unmasking of an online poker scandal in 2008. David also has an elite educational background, starting with his admittance to Hunter College Elementary school, Harvard for undergrad, and graduate school at NYU in Creative Writing and Law. David had many conventional doors open to him in life, but chose to play his hand in an unconventional way. Episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher, or here:





David’s Tournament Poker History

Winner of 2015 Borgata

Highlight From 2013 WSOP

Absolute Poker Scandal 60 Minutes 2008

Hunter College Elementary

NYU MFA and Law School’s both ranked top ten nationally (David did second year MFA while doing first year of law school)

E.L. Doctorow (professor who selected David to work with in his second year MFA)

Intermittent Reinforcement

Alpha Go


Notorious BIG “Life After Death”

Forest Gump

“The Long Walk” by Stephen King