Cosmic Odds

The universe is incredibly vast. The current best estimate on the size of the universe is 93 billions light years. That means that if a light photon were to leave one side of the universe traveling at 670,616,629 miles per hour (the speed of light), it would take 93 billion years to reach the other side. Most of what makes up those 93 billion light years is what we would generally consider to be nothing, just the space between celestial objects. If you are to take any point in the universe at random and travel there, you are most likely going to hit nothing. You will not hit a galaxy, star, or blackhole. You will not hit a habitable planet, uninhabitable planet, or flying piece of space rock. You will hit nothing. It is overwhelmingly likely that if you are in the universe, you are in the midst of nothing.

Yet, here we are on this place that holds so many possibilities.

The universe is incredibly old. Though the exact age is not known, the best estimate is somewhere around 14 billion years old. Our own solar system is only about 4.5 billion years old. Human beings are estimated to have been on the planet earth as a genus for about 3 million years and Homo Sapiens are believed to have evolved about 200,000 years ago. What that means is that if we are to randomly take any point in the history of the universe, we are more likely to take a point where our entire solar system doesn’t exist. If we are to take any point in earth’s history, it will most likely be a point where humans don’t exist. If we take a point where humans existed as a genus, it is most likely that homo sapiens don’t exist. And finally, if we take a point in human history, it is most likely that civilization does not exist.

Yet, right now we live in a time where humans are flourishing beyond any previous point.

You are in the here and now. It is against the greatest of odds that this is the case. Were a point in space and time picked at random, the overwhelming likelihood is that you do not exist. Yet, you do. Are you making the most of that existence? Do you spend time wishing you were somewhere else? Do you spend time wishing you could change the past or in the future? The chance that we have to exist is against cosmic odds. Do not waste it.